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                What are the requirements for preparing SMT processing technology documents


                We cannot do without process documents in the production process of SMT chip processing. Process documents can reduce the defect rate in PCB processing and ensure the qualified efficiency of PCBA production. However, the most basic problem is how to do SMT processing process documents. ? what do you need? The following are the requirements for the preparation of process documents:

                (1) The craft documents should have a unified format and frame, the size of the frame should comply with the relevant regulations, and be bound into a book with complete sets.

                (2) The fonts of the craft documents should be standardized, the writing should be clear, and the graphics should be correct.

                (3) The names, numbers, drawing numbers, symbols, material and component codes used in the process documents should be consistent with the design documents.

                (4) The process drawings should be drawn accurately to scale.

                (5) When compiling documents, general technical conditions, process rules or enterprise standard process regulations should be adopted as far as possible, and tooling or special tools, test instruments and meters should be used effectively.

                (6) The equipment, equipment and auxiliary materials needed in the process should be listed in the process documents. For debugging and inspection procedures, technical indicators, functional requirements, test methods, and instrument ranges should be marked.