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                Boat cover blanking machine

                The jig board with bottom cover is put away from the front road, the cover on the jig board is removed, and the jig is put into the material box to complete the receiving task.

                1. Manually put the material box into the lower layer of the runner, start the equipment, and move the material box to the designated position

                2. The front material tray flows into the unwinding mechanism, and the unwinding mechanism transports the material pans to the unwinding platform

                3. The cover conveying mechanism conveys the cover to the cover silo and puts it into the silo

                4. The unloading platform pushes the tray with the cover removed to the feed box

                5. The material box handling mechanism rises one layer until the material box is full, then put the material box into the runner to complete the material collection

                6. Repeat the above actions until the empty material box is fully filled. Then stop and replace the material box

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